Romanticism and Modern Literature 2024
   English Literature Plus 2024
   Armytage Open Lecture
   Wordsworth's 'Sublime' Republic:the Politics of Swiss Myth
   Wordsworths Bildung and the Sublime: A Schillerian Reading of The P..
   "That first mild touch of sympathy and thought": Stoicism in Wordswor..
   England in 1819: Peterloo and Shelley
   Wordsworths Patriotism in "Concerning the Convention of Cintra"
   Mills Mental Crisis and Wordsworths Poetic Thoughts
   Current Issues
   Wordsworth's Patriotism in "The Prelude" and "Concerning The Conventi..
   Cosmopolitan Patriotism in Wordsworth's "Concerning The Convention of..
   A Power to Virtue Friendly": What Mill learnt from Wordsworth
   Convergence, A Survival Package for the Humanities?
   An Invited Talk by United Board at Hong Kong on May 21, 2009
   A Multi-layered Electronic Text of Wordsworth's The Ruined Cottage
     Digital Humanities
   Convergence, A Survival Package for the Humanities?
   A Conceptual Model of Multi-layered Electronic Text
   Networking the English Departments in Asia
   The Humanities in Information Age
   A Case Study of a Web-based Culture Class by HCRG
   Humanities Computing and Literary Studies