Introduction to English Literature 2023
   British Poetry Seminar I(2023)
   Armytage Open Lecture
   Wordsworths Bildung and the Sublime: A Schillerian Reading of The P..
   "That first mild touch of sympathy and thought": Stoicism in Wordswor..
   England in 1819: Peterloo and Shelley
   Wordsworths Patriotism in "Concerning the Convention of Cintra"
   Mills Mental Crisis and Wordsworths Poetic Thoughts
   "More Tranquil Sympathies" of The Ruined Cottage: An Argument for a S..
   Current Issues
   Wordsworth's Patriotism in "The Prelude" and "Concerning The Conventi..
   Cosmopolitan Patriotism in Wordsworth's "Concerning The Convention of..
   A Power to Virtue Friendly": What Mill learnt from Wordsworth
   Convergence, A Survival Package for the Humanities?
   An Invited Talk by United Board at Hong Kong on May 21, 2009
   A Multi-layered Electronic Text of Wordsworth's The Ruined Cottage
     Digital Humanities
   Convergence, A Survival Package for the Humanities?
   A Conceptual Model of Multi-layered Electronic Text
   Networking the English Departments in Asia
   The Humanities in Information Age
   A Case Study of a Web-based Culture Class by HCRG
   Humanities Computing and Literary Studies