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The Humanities in the Network Society

This an essay on the new problems the humanities confronts in the network society.  

A Conceptual Model of Multi-layered Electronic Text

This essay presents a conceptual model of multi-layered electronic text of Wordsworth's "Ruined Cottage" implying that it could materialize Wordsworth's own wish of building all the poems he composed into one single ultimate poem he had characterized by the metaphor of "Gothic church".  

Networking the English Departments in Asia

This is a keynote speech given at the international conference held in 2006 entitled "Provincializing English" at the English department of Ewha Womans University. This speech explains the basic structure of English Poral Asia developed by our BK team with a purpose of networking English departments in Asia into a single united acadenuc community in the digital space.  

A Case Study of a Web-based Culture Class

This essay shows the Web-based culture class developed by (HCRG)Humanities Computing Research Group where the basics of the humanities computing(now called Digital Humanities) are taught. This provides also a common platform which various culture classes of the university make use of sharing the same database connected to the digital classrooms.  

Humanities Computing and Literary Studies

This is a succinct description of the recent development that the humanities computing has made particularly in the field of literary studies.  

Reading Poetry in Information Age

This is an essay on the hypertextual elements that are already "built-in" within Wordsworth's poetics.  

The Humanities in Information Age

This essay shows what problems the Humanities in information age faced and how to deal with them.