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National Support Schemes for the Humanities: Germany and USA

A monograph on the the humanities support schemes in Germany and USA. The final report submitted to the National Research Council for Economics, Humanities and Social Sciences in 2012.  

Are University Professors Hanging Around?

This essay was written as a response to a vague and groundless argument that university professors are unproductive in comparison with the other professionals outside the academia. A strong counter argument was made by the author who was then at the beginning stage of his professional career.  

A Round Table Talk: Evaluation Scheme of University Professors in USA

This is a summarized transcription of a roundtable talk on the evaluation scheme of the US university professors. Professor SunHee Kim of Clark University and Uwe Gertz, a senior administrator of the same university were the main participants. The members of SESK(Society of English Studies in Korea) participated on the Korean side myself being the presider of the discussion.  

The Humanities in the Network Society

This essays explains a series of new challenges the humanities has to deal with in the Network society.  

The Evaluation of the Humanities

This is an analysis of the existing evaluation system currently adopted by Korean funding agencies to evaluate academic performances of the Humanities. This suggests an urgent necessity for an alternative evaluation scheme developed with a good understanding of the nature of humanities researches.  

The Humanities in the age of Neo-liberalism

This essay is based on my own experience as the founding director of a Graduate School funding program called Brain Korea my own department carried out between 2006-2013. This is a close examination of the logistics and the evaluation scheme under which the project was conducted. This contains a criticism of the evaluation procedure and its harmful effects on the academic performance.  

The Humanities in Information Age

This is an essay on the plights of the humanities as an academic discipline in information society with reference to the ideas of the humanities in the Western academia and the history of polemics over the adequate position where the Humanities should be placed in the space of the academic world.